For the SERIOUS enthusiast!!
Flight Sim for the home user.

The best gaming chair is a Monsta Chair!
Designed with the simulation enthusiast in mind, this is the ejection seat for the home user.
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Great for long hours at the computer. Watch your scores improve dramatically. Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Feel excited about the next time you have to go sit at your computer because you know it will be in comfort. Compatible with HermanMiller, HotSeats and many many more.

Monsta Chair gaming chairs are a full line of gaming chair products. Everything from add-on components that you can attach directly to your office or desk chair to complete chair and all systems to allow you to mount almost anything you want directly to the chair. Convert your chair into a gaming chair with a MONSTA CHAIR. No other system gives you as much flexibility and stability as a Monsta Chair gaming chair. You have complete control of the position of every single peripheral. From millimeters to inches, you can adjust everything to an exact fit.


Complete Flexibility means you can have the new Racing Pro designed for the driving simulator enthusiast and turn it into a flight simulator just by changing the peripherals and adjusting the positions. AWESOME!

The Newest Monsta Chair Gaming Chair model. *Racing/Simulation Pro* Includes Racing Seat, 3 Adjustable Platforms, Adjustable footboard and pedals.



Click for more informationthe Dragon Rider
One of a kind character appearance that will turn heads & have everyone talking.

Based on a medieval knight, this costumed performer riding a custom made dragon will "stalk" the premises in an ominous and interactive manner providing entertainment that will be talked about as one of the most unique character appearances around. Standing almost 7 feet tall with a total length of over 8 feet long and a wingspan of more than 6 feet. This guy stands out in any crowd and will astound kids & adults alike.

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The Dragon Rider is available day and evenings for private & public events.

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Brian Burke



Brian Burke

Atlanta based Original & Cover Artist
Brian Burke

Lead Vocalist, Singer / Song Writer, Frontman,
Guitar, Drums & Percussion.

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What is BBurke.Net?
BBurke.Net is an online portal to some unique and exciting entertainment services all with one thing in common, Brian Burke.

  • Professional Web Site Design and Maintenance. Web hosting services, CGI script processing, Graphic Design, Flash site and animation creation.
  • Designed and developed Monsta Chair gaming chairs. This is the most versatile gaming chair hardware you can own. Any Cockpit! Automobiles, Aircraft, fixed wing & rotary wing, just a few "tweaks" away. And for a lot less than you might think. Compatible with Herman-Miller, HotSeats and many many more.
  • Live Original and Cover Music Performer.
  • The Dragon Rider costume. Award winning costume available for private showings.


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