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Many Gaming Chair models to choose from.
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Compatible with ANY Game Console or Computer System

Compatible with
Herman Miller,
HotSeats, Pryamat
and many more.

Video: Introduction to the
Monsta Gaming Chair - Gamers Desk


Video: Displaying some of the Massive Adjustability of a Monsta Chair gaming chair.

Monsta's Gaming Chairs are focused at being extremely adjustable and durable.
Extensive research has gone into the development of these gaming chair products and our pride is in the ability of our products to conform to the user. Giving the user complete personal comfort while working or playing at the computer and doing it with products that will last for years under intense gaming and the best the office can throw at you. Monsta' Gaming Chair Products can be considered ergonomic do to the benefits of an improved posture while our products. Less slouching over your keyboard and more sitting back and sitting up straight. Less stress on the wrists and neck.

Featured Product: Gamers Desk

Gamers Desk - Click to EnlargeCapable of any of the following configurations:
Steering Wheel with Pedals.
Joystick with Pedals.

There are certainly more....

Custom built to be Just Right For You!
The Gamers Desk makes an incredible flight and racing simulator. You can adjust everything about this gaming chair.

  • Pilot/Driver height, scoot the seat base up or back
  • Angle of the seat back, sit up straight or to lean back
  • Distance of the foot-board from the chair
  • Controller position, adjust EXACTLY where you place your steering wheel, flight yoke/stick, keyboard and/or your mouse as well

Designed to give you the ultimate flexiblity so your gaming chair conforms to fit you like a glove in any situation. That's a Monsta Chair!

Monsta Chairs are expandable
Did you know you can add on later? That's right! Not only do Monsta Chairs provide the industries most customizable product of it's kind, we also make it Expandable. You can buy the Keyboard Pro PLUS now (2 rigs configured as a pair.) and add on a complete rig or two later, expanding all the way up to the Monsta Gamer Extreme. These systems are designed to simply bolt right on.

Compatible with any computer or console gaming system!

The Bottom Line...

  • Monsta Chairs can make you more comfortable for longer.
  • Monsta Chairs are THE most versatile and adjustable product of it's kind in the game chair industry.
  • Many models and configurations to choose from.
  • Completely Expandable.
  • Infinitely Adjustable
  • Interchangeable.
  • HEAVY DUTY!! The hardware will last for years.
  • Once you start using a Monsta Chair, you'll never want to go back to what you did before.
  • Monsta Chairs ROCK!!!

Now go order one for yourself!


gaming chairs with customizable configurations



Laptop Pro Ergonomic Workstation
Laptop Pro
Flight Sim Gaming Chair.
Flight Simulation
Gaming Chair compatible with any game system or computer.
Gamers Desk
Attach your gaming and office devices to your chair to improve your comfort, productivity and scores.
Monsta Gamer


Complete Flexibility

The hardware will last for years and once you start using a Monsta Chair, you'll never want to use anything else.

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